The Best Love Poems

Are you in the mood for good romantic poetry? Before you answer, wait here for a minute. Not all dating poems are weird and cringy. Some are quite interesting to read. Check out the lesser-known poems about love that will change your attitude to this genre forever.

1. “She Walks in Beauty” by Lord Byron

It might not be one of those typical poems about a new relationship and it’s not explicitly about love. When you dig into a history of this poem, you’ll find out that Lord Byron was inspired by his good-looking distant cousin whom he met at the party. But context aside, it surely is a beautiful and aesthetic piece, which would melt every girl’s heart if it was dedicated to her.

2. “A Red, Red Rose,” by Robert Burns

If you are looking for dating poems about trust and love, check out this one. It’s about love in full bloom, like a red rose, the kind of love that never dies. So if you are sure that your significant other is the one, and if you’d like to let them know how serious you are, a poem about loving through all eternity might be just right.

3. “Love One Another,” by Khalil Gibran

This profound description of long and strong relationship could easily join our list of the best poems. The author talks about more mature feelings, which empower both partners to live their best lives. If you are sick and tired of “I’d kill myself for you” kind of love songs, you’ll enjoy this piece.

4. “Because She Would Ask Me Why I Loved Her” by Christopher Brennan

True love never asks questions because some answers you just can’t express in words, although you might try. This easy-to-read beautiful poem about love can be a perfect material for Valentine’s day postcard. A brilliant piece that will be appreciated by couples who enjoy great poetry.

5. Sonnet XLIX, “Cien Sonetos de Amor” by Pablo Neruda

A classic example of a radiant love sonnet by Pablo Neruda, who, like Shakespeare, needs no introduction, especially when it comes to relationship and dating poems. I can hardly think of any other male poet who’d be more romantic than Pablo Neruda is. Whereas some poems about love are hit or miss, this one is a 100% on target. Read it out to your girl and she will be impressed!

6. “I Do Not Love Thee” by Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton

Some relationship stories don’t end up well, while others don’t even start. Quite frankly, people are searching for troubled relationship poems more often. If you’re going through a difficult time, sharing your sadness with the other person could ease your pain. Simply reading an honest piece about love that didn’t work out will already make you feel a little better.

To conclude…

There are so many relationship poems out there! If you look a little longer, you’ll surely find worthwhile verses about almost every situation in a couples life. Hopefully, you liked our list and got inspired for some romantic action.

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